7 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

In this age of advanced technology and urbanization, majority of people are in stress and anxiety due to several reasons. Some have work stress, other relationship tensions. Some are passing through a trauma like a dear one’s death or breakup. Others are depressed because they lost their dream job. In fact, a large number of people worldwide suffer emotional disturbances at some point in their life. Even kids are not safe. Women are more likely to suffer than men because they face many gender-based social and other issues.

7 simple ways to reduce stress and anxiety

Its highly important to manage depression anxiety in their initial stage because it can turn out to be disaster if prolonged.

Here are seven ways to address this situation:

  1. Enough sleep

Sometimes, lack of sleep causes fatigue and stress because there are some changes in the brain because of lack of sleep. Make sure you get at least 8 to 10 hours sleep per night. It shouldn’t be intermittent but continuous. Sleep relaxes mind and is also important for physical health.

  1. Healthy diet

Lack of certain vitamins and minerals trigger anxiety and depression. Its essential to take food from all groups to get all required nutrients daily. Eat foods rich in vitamin B and omega 3s. Also include whole-grain crabs. Vitamin B is connected with good mental health according to many researches. Omega 3s helps reduce anxiety and depression. According to studies, taking junk foods rich in white sugar and processed foods increase symptoms of anxiety. So, avoid them in your daily diet.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is an excellent way to relax body and mind. It is found to be really helpful in getting rid of depression and anxiety. There are deep breathing exercise in yoga that supply fresh oxygen to the body and keep mind relaxed. It reduces muscular aches and pains too. Many physiological and mental disorders are cured through regular yoga. You can join a yoga center or do at home under supervision of an expert. There are many tutorial online as well that can be helpful.

  1. Sports

Nothing can be more enjoyable than your favorite sport. Play football, basket ball, volleyball or tennis as long as you don’t feel tired. It keeps your body and mind active. Join a sports club and play in your leisure time to keep you happy. It also teaches team work and courage to accept defeat. Sports are great to stay healthy because there’s is lot of exercise and body movement involved. Its a nice trick to deal with procrastination too.

  1. Tune out

Listen to your favorite tunes whenever you feel sad and depressed. It spiritually makes you feel good. Soothing sounds and tunes work amazingly great to keep mind relax. Compile your play list now and insert ear phones. You will feel good. It can be any tune you like the most such as verses of Quran, spiritual tunes or nature sounds.

  1. Reading

Books are man’s best friend in lonely time because they never let you feel bored. If you like health, beauty, science, fiction, love stories, adventure or any type of reading material, you can go on and it will keep you stuck for hours. Reading news paper is also good mental activity.

  1. Art therapy

It is a newly introduced technique in which depressed and anxious people are asked to indulge in various art activities like painting, drawing, building structures of art and so on. These keep mind active and let you enjoy.

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