What Minerals & Vitamins Are Good for Skin and Hair

Health Indicator:

Think of a flower or a plant. If you do not give it right amount of nutrient or water it becomes wilted. Same like a plant or flower skin, hair and nails are the indicator of your health. Damaged hair, skin and nail indicate your unhealthy condition and vice versa. Taking a proper diet daily can make you hair, nail and skin healthy naturally. Outwardly operations and experiment can damage your skin more than curing it. Here we will tell you about what vitamins are good for skin and hair.

Minerals and Vitamins Essential for Skin and Hair

Vitamin A and Beta Carotene:

Free radicals moving in the body can cause high damage to the body inside. They must be terminated in the body as soon as they are produced. To kill free radicals Beta carotene is a cop. Beta carotene is an essential agent that must be included in daily diet for a perfect skin and hair. Liver breaks beta carotene to make vitamin A, it boosts the production of sebum, which is an essential oil for healthy skin. Sebum is a natural agent which moisturizes and conditions the skin making it soft and stretchable. Vitamin A renews the skin cells thus making skin and hair look beautiful naturally. Broccoli, spinach, carrots and other green vegetable contain these ingredients.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

Omega-3 Fatty Acids is highly useful for dry and damaged scalp. Deficiency of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in body is the main reason of dry, dull and damaged hair. It is also an anti-inflammatory agent which discourages swelling on skin, healing it within time. It also helps to moisturize skin making it glow. Omega-3 Fatty Acids are present in fish meat and flaxseed. A diet containing this ingredient will never let your hair and skin dry, ever.


Zinc is another important mineral for the skin and hair. It helps regenerate damaged skin cells making them moisturized. It never let hair to be dried. Red meat, nuts and beans are very good source of zinc for body. If you are having skin and hair complication then initiate taking these foods in your diet.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is a friend of skin. It is the most essential element for a healthy and younger looking skin. Hair needs it to keep them healthy and presentable. It also helps repair damaged skin cells. It enables the oxygen and nutrient flow in blood which automatically makes skin, nail and hair beautiful.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C helps boost the production of collagen protein in the body which is highly essential to hold tissues together. In short it maintains elasticity of skin. Intake of Vitamin C in diet will never let wrinkles or damaged skin to appear. Source of vitamin C are the citrus fruits, peppers, tomato and all sour eatables. Start taking this ingredient if you really care about your skin and hair.

Vitamin B:

Different forms of Vitamin B including Vitamin B2, B5 and B12 are highly essential for healthy and beautiful skin and hair. Agents made with the help of Vitamin B within body are essential for making nails hard and glowing plus boost your hair growth. Peanuts, milk, eggs and legumes are the source of this essential skin building agent.

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