16 Reasons Why Lemons Are the Most Useful Thing in the World

A lot of ordinary things you probably own already can be very helpful when it comes to doing a thorough clean of your home — you just need to know the correct ways to use them.

A list of 16 unusual uses for an ordinary lemon. They will help you look at this sour fruit in a whole new light!

1. Bleaching underarms

Lemon is best formula for dark underarm skin. Bleaching is nothing better but lemon make your skin extra ordinary soft and moisturizing. Just every day before your shower lightly rub your dark underarm skin with a lemon slice. You must apply this formula daily and see result after few days.

2. Repelling insects


You can easily kill and remove allextra things like ants, mosquitoes,etc from your home with the use of lemon. just you keep stick cloves into half lemon and take on the doorways.

3. Removing berry stains

Lemon juice also help for berry stain from your clothes.Firstly wash the fabric in cold water and after wash soak your clothes in lemon juice for 5 minutes.

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