15 Fun and Exciting Ways To Lose Weight

There are many fun and exciting ways to lose weight that don’t need rigorous exercises in gym. All you need to know is the right diet and lifestyle. With some positive changes in your dietary intake, you can lose weight without much effort. Its all about tricks and techniques. Adjust your daily routine in a way that you shed extra pounds without heavy workout and starving. Here are 15 exciting ways to stay slim.

15 fun and exciting ways to lose weight

1.Get rid of bloating

Bloated tummy is really embarrassing and also sign of poor health. Salty foods like French fries, curries, hot dogs and snacks make you puffy. The trick to excrete excess liquid is having natural diuretics, foods that help urinate. Take one cup of fresh cucumber and squeeze lemon juice over it. Toss it with fresh parsley. This is not only a healthy snack meal but also avoid bloating by excreting excess water from the body.

2.Include fish in diet

Antihistamine is a strong anti-oxidant found in salmon, shrimp and other seafood boosts fat burning and gives energy too. It keeps oxidation from occurring in the cells. You can also take antihistamine supplement.

3.Take smaller food portion

Divide your meal in small portions. Avoid buying junk foods or sugary items in bulk. Fill your plate with fewer pieces of meat and side dish.

4.Less food variety

Keep only a few and healthy foods in your kitchen because having too many will surely make you eat more.

5.Whole grains and cereals

Eat lots of cereals and whole grains instead of ready-to-eat stuff during TV or breakfast. They have high fiber content and good satiety value.

6.Small meals

Take five to six small low-calorie healthy meals instead of three heavy meals.

7.Drink more water

Take lots of water all day to keep stomach filled for hours. Drink one or two before meals is also helpful in eating less food.

8.Stay happy

Stress can make you eat more and gain weight. So be happy and relaxed to become slim and healthy.

9.Enough sleep

Lack of sleep can help gain weight because it reduces a hormone called leptin that suppresses appetite. So make sure you take 8 to 10 hours of sound sleep at night.

10.Laughter, the best medicine

Laugh often because it burns calories. A study shows hearty laughter can burn 100 calories. Watch comedy shows or gossip with friends.

11.Switch cravings

If you are hankering to have something sweet, don’t rush for high-calorie milk chocolate bar or an ice cream. Instead munch a cup of strawberries or apple slices.

12.Take fruits instead of juice

Eat fruit not its juice because fruit lets you take 15 % less calories.

13.Walk and track

Go for a walk daily with friends and compete how many miles you have walked. See who wins.

14.Standing desk

In office, you can have a standing desk for doing daily computer tasks. Standing helps lose more weight than sitting.

15.Play basket ball

Sports are great fun way to lose weight. Play basket ball or volleyball because it lets you enjoy while burning fats.

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