Top 10 Astonishing Beauty Hacks You Must Know

“Beauty is in simplicity”, which you cannot get easily. Sometimes we get run off some important beauty products and need some immediate alternative. Here we are to help you in this critical situation. Few beauty tip secrets are there which will not only change your life but save your money too. 10 Awesome Beauty Hacks You Need To Know are listed as under. Try them out once and save your money forever.

  1. Makeup remover:

If you are run off with your old makeup remover than do not go to sleep without removing it or do not rub it with wet towel. Instead of damaging your skin use small amount of olive oil or a baby shampoo which will make you free from makeup easily. Try out this once and see the result. You surely will love it.

  1. Acne treatment:

Are you suffering from acne still after applying many skincare and beauty products?  If it is so than do one thing today. Change your pillow cover or wash it regularly after two or three days. A pillow cover contains more germs then you can imagine. You will surely get rid of acne. Care is the best remedy ever.

  1. Skin lotion:

Coconut is a best skin lotion ever. If you do not have any more skin lotion and need it instantly than use coconut oil on your skin. It will surely show better result than your lotion. Olive oil is another rescuer of this problem.

  1. Body wax:

Add one lemon juice of one lemon and three tablespoons of water in half cup of sugar. Let it rotate in your microwave. Wait for brownish color and stir the mixture after every two minutes to mix every ingredient well. Make it as thick as you want for waxing. Now allow the mixture to cool. Use it as a cold was to wax out hair from your body. Isn’t it a magic?

  1. Face mask:

Do not gather money for a new face mask. Try out a raw honey. Applying raw honey on face for 15 minutes will give you the best moisturized skin ever.

  1. Face toner:

A mixture of lemon juice, green tea leaves and a small amount of mint can be a natural effective toner for your face. Try it out and see the awesome results afterwards. It will rescue you from acne too.

  1. Hair dye:

Tea that you use to drink everyday can be used as a hair dye. Add small amount of it in water and dye your hair with it.

  1. Pumice Stone:

If you are not having any foot exfoliating agent than take a potato and cut it to make two, Dip one of the part in sea salt. HERE WE GO! Your hacked pumice stone is ready.

  1. Face Cleanser:

DO you want an effective face cleanser and it is unaffordable? Do not worry. Take some powdered milk and add small amount of water in it to make a thick paste. Apply it on your face and get the same results as an expensive face cleanser.

  1. Eye brow brush:

Do you want to get a perfect eyebrow brush? Do not waste your mascara stick because it is a solution for your desire. Wash the applicator of you finished mascara and start using it as an eyebrow brush.

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