10 Things Men Find Unattractive About The Women

Men are very choosey about particular things. Where they are too choosey about things they also are choosey about a woman for them. Apart from unmarried life, those men who want to get married choose a girl who is according to their wishes and demand. Some acts of women really unattractive for men in women. These acts or things derive men to shout and get angry easily on smallest things. In this article we are going to share some of the important and notable 10 Things Men Find Unattractive in Women.

Things Men Find Unattractive In Women

Dirty women:

Men hate the women who do not keep their nails, hair, hands and feet clean. No one admires unhygienic conditions and those wives who do not keep themselves clean and beautiful their husbands start to hate them by time. So women! Keep yourself clean if you want a unproblematic life.

Angry for stupid reasons:

Men hate moody women. They hate attitude and all that things which makes men feel uncomfortable. Give your men a little space. Do not be angry all the time because men works the whole day to earn livelihood and return home tired. SO when they see angry face they get fed up easily.

Women talking about other men:

Women, who indulge in talking about other men in front of their husbands or boyfriends, get nothing but hate. Men hate these types of girls who all the time speak of boys and discuss about them. Girls! Stop these kinds of acts.

Attention seekers:

Women who always try to seek other attention all the time are truly hated by men. Men loves the natural personality of women not those which indulge in acting all the time and saying ME and only ME.

Lying Women:

Women who cannot speak truth cannot get love of their husbands. Decent men hate women lying all the time and producing lame excuses to consider themselves right. Men also do not like those girls who lie about the price of their accessories and especially at the moment when men knows the truth and a woman still lies.

Women who are excessively drunk:

Those women who drink a lot of Alcohol are hated by all the men whether they are their husband or boyfriend or any other stranger. Drinking itself is a very bad habit. Men and women both must shun this activity.

Questioning Women:

Women who question their husbands or boyfriends all the time like a spy or detectives, men hate them. Try to develop trust on your partner.

Negative women:

Women who always think of negative things in life are really unattractive for men around them. Whether it is men or women both must be happy and must not let negative factors to overcome their good mood.


Men hate those women who show impatience while any work or any decision making. They like those who make their decisions by considering the right facts.

Teen Spirit Women:

Those who show unnecessary spirits about something are unattractive to men at the occasions when men are really tired or want to take a nap. Be mature and be responsible personality.

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