10 Best Sunscreen Products

The only way to protect ourselves from the harmful effect of sun rays is using sunscreen lotion. You will find 10 best sun protection cream and lotion in this article.

10 best sun protection cream and lotion


Garnier sun control daily moisturizer SPF 15

The sunscreen lotion that suits the dry skin is of garnier. It keeps skin moisturized without making it greasy and does not leave white layer on the skin.

L’Oreal Paris dermo expertise UV perfect moisture fresh sunscreen-SPF30

L’Oreal sun protection cream is very light with mild fragrance. It gives dewy effect to the face when absorbed in skin and stops skin from sweating.

VLCC matte look sunscreen lotion SPF 30 PA+++

As the name suggest this sunscreen lotion gives matte finish and is non greasy. It got the fragrance of pineapple essence that gives a refreshing feel.

Lotus herbals sandalscreen sandalwood sunscreen lotion with moisturizer

It is a moisturizing lotion but gives a matte look after application. This sunscreen suits all the skin types from oily to dry skin.

Lakme sun expert sunscreen lotion SPF50

Lakme is among the top most cosmetic brands in the world. The Lakme sunscreen lotion is thin in nature and absorb easily into the skin unlike other lotions which are thick and heavy. It is the best sun protection lotion to wear in summer heat.

Coppertone oil free faces SPF 50

One of the lotion among 10 best sun protection cream and lotion is Coppertone sunscreen lotion for oil free face. Those who have oily skin can go for this sunscreen lotion as it keeps the oil balanced in the skin. It is a dermatologist recommended brand and do not block the pores which leads to pimples. This is a light weight lotion and absorbs fast into the skin protecting it from the harmful effect of sun rays.

Aveeno protect +hydrate lotion SPF 70

One of the major problem faced by people going out in sun is the dehydration of skin. This sunscreen lotion keeps the skin hydrated and got amazing fragrance.

Skinceuticals sport UV defense SPF 50

This amazing sun protection cream provide nourishment to the skin cells making them energetic. It paraben free thus makes skin strong enough to face the harsh effects of environment. This cream does not remove by rubbing or sweat and is water resistant for 80 minutes.

Blue lizard sunscreen in sensitive SPF 30

This is another suncreen lotion among 10 best sun protection cream and lotion. It is a chemical and fragrance free lotion with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which prevent from skin irritation. You need to rub the lotion properly into skin as it is very thick. Otherwise it will make a white layer on the skin.

Neutrogena pure and free liquid daily sunblock SPF 50

This sun protection lotion is very thin in quality and the good thing is that it can be applied under makeup. It is a broad spectrum SPF 50 that protects skin well even in the sharpest sunlight.

Sun rays damages skin a lot making it dark and cause sunburns.These 10 best sun protection cream and lotion will keep your skin away from any harm.

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